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Complex Diagnosis

Complex Diagnosis services offered in McAllen, TX

Complex Diagnosis services offered in the greater McAllen, TX area

Getting the right diagnosis to explain your strange symptoms isn’t always easy. Socrates A. Garrigos, MD, PA, is an internal medicine practice in McAllen, Texas, with medical experts who specialize in making a complex diagnosis. Dr. Garrigos and the team use their scientific knowledge and clinical expertise to diagnose rare and complex illnesses. To get the answers you need, call the office today or schedule an appointment using the online booking button.

Complex Diagnosis Q & A

What does complex diagnosis mean?

Complex diagnosis refers to medical conditions that develop from multiple causes. Researchers have discovered that most health conditions have a genetic component. Some diseases occur from a variant in a single gene, like cystic fibrosis. 

However, many health conditions develop from a combination of genetic, lifestyle, and environmental factors, like heart disease and obesity. And, unlike cystic fibrosis, these health conditions have multiple genetic causes.

A complex diagnosis is a disorder that occurs from multiple factors. Because of all of the factors involved, complex disorders are harder to predict and treat. These complex health conditions may also lead to symptoms that make it hard to pinpoint the cause. 

Socrates A. Garrigos, MD, PA, is an internal medicine practice that understands the complexities of diseases that affect adults. Internal medicine physicians are trained to determine those hard-to-diagnose diseases and provide medical care.

I feel sick, but no one can tell me why. Can internal medicine help?

If you don’t feel like your usual, healthy self and you can’t get the answers you need from other health care providers, then internal medicine at Socrates A. Garrigos, MD, PA, can help. They can find out the cause of your strange symptoms or those common symptoms that may have multiple causes.

Internal medicine physicians have a deep understanding of the human body and each organ system. They use their expertise and knowledge to make the connections that other health care providers might miss.

What tests do I need for a complex diagnosis?

The team at Socrates A. Garrigos, MD, PA, conducts a thorough evaluation when you come in with concerns about symptoms from an unknown illness. They ask detailed questions about your symptoms, when they started, and activities that make them worse.

They also review your medical and family histories and perform a physical exam. Socrates A. Garrigos, MD, PA, has in-house diagnostics to help them get the data they need to formulate a diagnosis. Testing may include bloodwork, an electrocardiogram (EKG), X-rays, or MRI.

What are the treatments for a complex diagnosis?

The team at Socrates A. Garrigos, MD, PA, customizes your treatment plan based on your complex diagnosis. Treatment may include lifestyle modifications or disease-specific medications.

Once you have a diagnosis, the team schedules regular follow-up visits to monitor your symptoms and your health so they can adjust your plan accordingly.

A complex diagnosis requires individualized care. Call Socrates A. Garrigos, MD, PA, today or use the online booking button to schedule an appointment.