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Socrates A. Garrigos, MD, PA

Socrates A. Garrigos, MD, PA

Internal Medicine & Geriatrics located in McAllen, TX

About Our Practice

Socrates A. Garrigos, MD, PA, is an internal medicine practice in McAllen, Texas. Board-certified internal medicine physician Socrates Garrigos, MD, and the team provide compassionate care for all people ages 20 and older. 

The team is committed to offering comprehensive and personalized care that addresses all aspects of their patients’ health needs. The internal medicine practice specializes in preventive medicine and geriatric care and provides expert chronic disease management

Internal medicine physicians are general practitioners who have advanced training in making even complex diagnoses. They use their clinical skills and scientific knowledge to help patients understand the cause of their unusual symptoms, diagnosing medical issues that other health professionals miss.

Getting an accurate diagnosis is crucial when treating patients, which is why Socrates A. Garrigos, MD, PA, offers in-house diagnostics, including X-rays, ultrasound, and bloodwork.

The team at Socrates A. Garrigos, MD, PA, partners with their patients, helping them on their journey to better health and wellness. 

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